Saturday, June 16, 2012

May 2012

Been VERY busy!!  Haven't done too much outside of work.  Thank you all for your prayers, I seem to be doing better on the 40 hour work week.  Carl is down to 1 day of working ( poor thing).  However, he is turning into a great "wife"!!  He does everything around the house right now and even has time to have dinner ready when  get home.... I could easily get spoiled!!!   Thank you honey -- I love you!!!

April 2012

Got to meet BarryWilliams (Greg Brady from the Brady Bunch)

Never knew how hard going back to work 40 hours was gonna be!!!  Sherrell is still not back, so, I am working 5 days a week and Carl is working 2. (Something is not quite right with this picture).  I am exhausted by the time Friday comes around.  I am training the new workers, and re-training the winter workers.  Keep me in your prayers -- they are not very happy with me.

March 2012

We headed back to Branson from Jupiter Florida.  A quick visit with Theresa and Brandon.
Said good-byes to Mama and Shane---

February 2012

We went "home" for the winter to visit family. We visited with Patty and Raleigh in Barnesville, Ga for a few weeks.  Their adorable RV Barn has hook-ups for our bus!   We may never leave!!