Wednesday, August 7, 2013

APRIL 2013

Boy does time pass and years later meet back up with great college friends. (Michael Jan Denise Carl) Michael and Carl college years were 1966 or there abouts. Jan was his college sweetheart and yes still his sweetheart years later. Both retired and in Adel Georgia came to Branson for a visit which we totally enjoyed. There were a few things Michael reminded me of back in those days and Denise had to ask did I attend any classes? Where did the years go?

July 2013

Carl goes for a doctor appointment on a Thursday and complains about his arm hurting.  The cat scan showed his bicep tendon barely hanging on by a thread.  The following Monday he was in surgery.  Recovery should take 12 weeks. They said if they didn't do surgery immediately and his tendon burst, he wouldn't have full use of the arm.

We met my sister Patty, Raleigh, Harold and his daughter in Little Rock after their 7000 mile plus trip. Headed home after 30 days of riding. Guess it was good I had surgery and could not ride the bike cause these people have to be TOUGH. Hate we missed it, cause there is never a dull moment.

March 2013

Well, during the winter of 2012,  we sold our condo on wheels.  It was bittersweet.  We are not traveling as much as we used to and the bus sat at the campground 6 months out of the year.  We have been blessed to have enjoyed our unique lifestyle for so many years.

 We are back to work in Branson, ready for a new season!!